New York Restaurant Insurance

We provide impressive coverage options to address the specific risks faced by New York food service establishments, including bars, pubs, taverns, and other hospitality establishments.

Get a full-course menu of insurance coverage for your NYC restaurant or coffee shop with HCP Insurance.

Protect your business with NY restaurant insurance

Protecting your business with restaurant insurance in New York is essential, whether it’s a family-run diner or you’re a new restaurant owner. HCP’s restaurant insurance serves up a comprehensive blend of coverage options to protect NY restaurant owners from whatever may comes their way.

What is restaurant insurance?

Having the right insurance in place can mean the difference between keeping your restaurant, bar, or bakery up and running or being forced to close your doors. Each day, your NYC restaurant is vulnerable to risks like fire, theft, natural disasters, liability claims, equipment breakdowns, and employee injuries.

These are just some of the things many restaurant owners think will never happen to them, yet can and do occur.

What are basic types of insurance for restaurants?

Before exploring more insurance protection for NYC restaurants and caterers, let’s talk more about basic coverage, including:

  • general liability coverage for coverage for costs from claims relating to bodily injury and property damage
  • liquor liability coverage for financial protection against claims relating to alcohol that was served at your establishment
  • workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses in New York and provides benefits to employees who experience work-related injuries or illnesses

What additional protections should restaurants be aware of?

Once you meet your basic insurance needs, it’s time to consider extra protection that might suit your restaurant business. This includes EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) and food spoilage insurance.

How much does restaurant insurance cost?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a specific answer until we get to know you and your business — which we look forward to doing!

Every restaurant is unique — and so are its insurance needs and associated costs.

Policy pricing is informed by factors like:

  • its location
  • the size of the restaurant
  • number of employees
  • previous claims history
  • if your establishment serves alcohol

Choose HCP Insurance to protect your restaurant

You have many choices when buying insurance for your New York restaurant or food services business — that’s not lost on us. But, when you choose HCP insurance, you get more than just coverage. You will also get our commitment to managing your risks and navigating the unique challenges of running a restaurant in New York.

We offer personalized solutions for restaurants of all sizes — from mom-and-pop establishments to chains with many locations, and we work hard to get policies at prices that work for our clients. Whether you run a bakery, a bar, a coffee shop, or you are caterers, restaurant insurance is a crucial part of the recipe that will make your NYC food service establishment successful.

We understand the idea of investing in restaurant insurance may seem daunting — you already have enough on your plate! But trust us when we say it’s essential to running a successful business in New York. Plus, any money spent now could save you thousands (or more) down the road.

Frequently asked questions about restaurant insurance

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