Cyber Liability Insurance in New York

HCP’s cyber insurance gives your business the coverage it needs against cyber incidents and losses.

Protect yourself against cyber incidents and losses

Virtually all businesses in New York use the internet and information technology infrastructure to operate some part of the business.

This means more ways for cyber criminals and hackers to access and steal your business’ confidential information.

With cyber insurance coverage, you protect yourself from cyber incidents and related losses.

What is cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability insurance is a specialty insurance that protects businesses against financial damage and loss from risks associated with information technology infrastructure and activities.

Cyber liability insurance can save your business when an unexpected internet crime happens.

It often includes protection against:

  • ransomware attacks
  • data breaches
  • loss of information
  • other cyber incidents

It covers expenses for notifying customers, investigating, and recovering from a cyber-attack. It also covers legal fees, fines, and penalties.

Typical small business risks covered by cyber liability insurance

Cyber incidents are becoming increasingly common. Here are some typical small business risks covered by a cyber insurance policy you might encounter in your business.

  • Stolen information

    Cybersecurity insurance provides financial protection and support in the event of stolen information. It can cover the costs of legal fees, notification expenses, and potential liability claims.

  • Cybersecurity breaches

    With cybersecurity insurance, you can mitigate the financial impact of cybersecurity breaches by covering the costs of forensic investigations, legal expenses, customer notification, credit monitoring services, and potential liability claims.

  • Crisis management

    Cybersecurity insurance can cover crisis management services, including public relations, to help your business effectively respond to and manage cyber incidents.

  • Business interruption

    In the event of a cyber incident that leads to business interruption, cybersecurity insurance can provide coverage for lost income, additional expenses incurred during the downtime, and more.

  • Ransomware attacks

    This coverage can protect your business against the financial impact of ransomware attacks by covering ransom payments, cyber extortion expenses, and other costs.

Choose HCP Insurance for cyber liability coverage

A comprehensive and personalized cyber liability insurance policy from HCP Insurance gives you more confidence in your small business. We help you mitigate small business risks and manage and eliminate exposure to cyber-attack damages.

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Who needs cyber liability insurance?

Cyber attacks can be difficult to recover from, especially if your company doesn’t have a good cybersecurity program yet. It’s much better to take preventative action. Cyber liability insurance can protect your business and manage the loss associated with exposure to cyber crimes.

Here are some industries that might suffer the most from cyber incidents:

  • Medical Clinics / Hospitals
  • Consulting Firms
  • Banks / Credit unions
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Retail

Examples of cyber insurance claims coverage

Data breach response

A company experiences a data breach and personal information of their customers is compromised. Their cyber insurance policy covers the costs of notifying affected individuals, credit monitoring services, forensic investigations to determine the cause of the breach, and managing resulting legal liabilities.

Business interruption

A cyber attack causes significant damage to a company’s computer systems. The cyber insurance policy covers the loss of income during the downtime, additional expenses incurred to restore systems and operations, and public relations or crisis management services to minimize reputational damage.

Ransomware attack

After falling victim to a ransomware attack, a business’s cyber insurance policy covers the ransom payment, incident response expenses, system restoration costs, and legal and forensic services needed to investigate and prevent future attacks.

Frequently asked questions about cyber insurance

We’ve covered some of the common questions New Yorkers have about cyber insurance below.