HCP helps Tech companies secure their brave new world.

Technology company insurance in New York City

HTML, Java, Perl…as a technology company you understand many languages, except perhaps insurance language. But that doesn’t mean you should leave yourself open to liability and the prospect of losing everything you’ve built. Honig Conte Porrino is your brokerage, your translator, and your advocate who will work to protect you, your company and your future.

Insurance for tech companies doesn’t have to be confusing.

Rely on us to coach you through it. IT companies and those who hold data face some unique insurance challenges as you’re consulting, designing apps and building technology for others. You may even need specific coverages to sign those lucrative contracts with bigger companies. Whether liability for not building a transactional system correctly, workers’ compensation for those repetitive task injuries, or simple property coverage to protect your investment, we understand the issues and the marketplace. Here are just a few.

  • Cyber Risk

    Cyber Risk.

    Your data is your biggest asset. If someone hacks your servers, steals your designs and intellectual property, you’re out of business and your brand reputation goes up in smoke. We can help you explore risks and make coverage recommendations to protect your business.

  • Compliance.

    Whether it’s insurance requirements in an office lease or client contract, we can review what’s being asked of you before you sign and lobby on your behalf if we feel the coverages they’re asking for are out of line with your business.

  • Privacy and copyright issues.

    In a fast-paced industry like IT, a slip-up can happen and proper use authorizations are forgotten. The proper coverage can help protect your business and your reputation.