Honig Conte Porrino Insurance Agency Inc. (HCP) is a full service insurance brokerage providing Business Insurance coverage and Personal Insurance policies to the Greater New York City Area.
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Meet the Michaels

Managing Partners, F. Michael Conte and Michael Honig are passionate business owners and longtime friends that operate the 3rd generation family-business, with over 50 years of combined insurance knowledge and experience.

You’ll love their roll-up-your-sleeves approach as business owners, and ability to make themselves available. They’re often found on the floor: discussing and debating policy language, coverage and claims, getting in on the action with their agents. They review insurance coverage, analyze policy forms, quote insurance policies, issue certificates and (oh yeah) they answer their own phone. Their employees love working for them and it shows – only great companies make it over a century in business!

F. Michael Conte spends a lot of his time on the phone with clients or out meeting them in-person with a member of his team. Michael Honig enjoys working with longstanding clients, coverage analysis and agency operations. If you have the pleasure of getting them both in a room together you will certainly be enlightened and entertained. Honig and Conte always have an amusing back and forth and their interactions should really be captured on film (stay tuned…you just might see that one day!)

By partnering with our team of professionals you will get

  • An Outside of the Box Approach

    We cherish being part of your inner circle and a trusted advisor. We treat each client individually and personally. You connect with a real person who has the experience and passion to listen, analyze and recommend a plan that fits your needs. We talk to you about available coverage options, explain their relevance to you or your firm, and then help you decide what makes sense from an economic standpoint to fit with your overall business needs and goals.

  • Knowledge & Passion About Insurance

    Who says that? Like ever? We do. And we mean it! It starts at who we hire here. Everyone at HCP is here for a career, not a job; they are empathetic, share a passion for helping others, and sharing knowledge. We genuinely enjoy talking about insurance and are happy to discuss it with you. Many of our clients appreciate hearing our well-thought out options, because they ultimately make the decision that fits their risk threshold and budget. We don’t want you to make a decision based on a lack of information or lack of understanding. We have no problem if you elect not to take a coverage we recommend but we do want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • A True Partner

    We are business owners too. We process payroll, we manage other people, we pay taxes, we order supplies, we sign leases, we pay vendors, and, on occasion, we shovel snow. We get it because we do what you do. Sometimes clients just call us to ask our opinion about something happening in their business or to see if we have any experience with a payroll company, accountant, or financial advisor. There is nothing we enjoy more than being called upon to help out a client when we can. Sometimes we don’t know about a particular topic, and we will certainly tell you, but we will probably go the distance to try and get you an answer first.