General Liability Insurance in New York

If you’re here because you want to protect your small business in NYC from unexpected lawsuits or financial liabilities, you’re in the right place. A general liability insurance policy, also known as business liability insurance, is a great way to ensure you can continue operating your NYC small business even if you are facing a lawsuit or other unplanned legal expenses.

General liability insurance in NY

Protecting your business from third-party claims and lawsuits is a can’t-miss step. Often, it’s the first step new business owners take.

General liability insurance in New York will cover so many of your bases that it is well worth the cost.

By securing general liability insurance from HCP, you can safeguard your New York business or other commercial operation from potential financial burdens arising from unexpected claims and lawsuits.

What is general liability insurance?

Imagine a customer slipping and getting injured in your store. Or your business operation accidentally damages someone else’s property.

Then, general liability insurance can help cover the resulting medical bills or repairs. Without it, business owners can face bills totaling millions of dollars.

General liability insurance protects against claims related to:

  • bodily injury
  • property damage
  • personal injuries
  • advertising injuries
  • medical payments

This essential coverage gives New York business owners peace of mind. With it, they know they have financial protection in case of unforeseen mishaps while running their business.

Typical risks covered by general liability insurance

Now let’s focus on some claim examples that general liability insurance can help protect against.

  • Bodily Injury Customer slips and falls are an all-too-common scenario in New York businesses. What if this happens at your business and results in injuries? Then, general liability coverage can help cover the cost of their medical treatment. It can also help with legal fees, settlements, or judgments resulting from the accident.
  • Property damage

    You’re on your way out of town for a business trip and forgot to do one last check at the office. When you return, you discover your employee left the tap running all night…and flooded the entire office.

    General liability insurance can help cover costs to repair or replace any damaged property. It can also apply to related legal fees associated with the incident.

  • Products and completed operations

    Now imagine you’re a contractor who works on many construction projects. After finishing one of these projects, you realize, to your horror, that you damaged some of the nearby property. Thankfully, your general liability policy might cover the resulting costs for repairs or replacements.

  • Advertising injury

    General liability insurance can provide coverage for advertising injury claims. This includes instances where your business is accused of causing harm through advertising activities, such as copyright infringement, slander, or false advertising.

  • Other liability claims

    Perhaps a customer feels wronged by your business. Then, maybe they bad-mouth you and your team on social media. They may even file a lawsuit against you. In this case, your general liability coverage can help cover legal costs to defend you against their claim.

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Whether your business is in this industry or another, it’s worth exploring what a general liability policy can do to protect it.

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Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance can benefit almost any NY business you can think of — it’s designed for any company, regardless of size or industry.

Here are some few industries facing exceptionally high general liability claims and lawsuits in recent years:

  • Hospitality industry
  • Construction
  • Financial firms
  • Law firms
  • Retail operations
  • Healthcare

Examples of general liability claims this insurance can cover

General liability risks in restaurants

The restaurant and hospitality industry in New York has been hit hard with lawsuits in recent years.

Here’s one example: a customer slipped on a freshly mopped floor in a company cafeteria because the custodian failed to put up a warning sign.

The result?

Severe back and knee injuries that required surgery and medical attention — not to mention a whopping settlement of over $1,000,000. Lucky for the business, they had general liability insurance to cover the expense.

General liability risks in construction

Electricians’ work is particularly vulnerable to general liability risks.

For instance, if wiring isn’t adequately insulated, it can lead to a catastrophic electrical fire. This could mean extensive damage to property and severe injuries to people onsite.

In this situation, the property owner could sue the business for negligence. But, if the company has a comprehensive general liability insurance policy? The insurer might cover damages and legal expenses.

General liability risks in retail

In a bustling retail store, accidents can happen unexpectedly.

For instance, a customer is browsing the aisles when a poorly secured shelf collapses, causing merchandise to fall and injure the customer. The customer is bruised and cut and requires medical attention.

In this case, the injured customer may file a lawsuit against the retail store, seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. Your general liability insurance can help cover the costs of medical treatment, legal fees, and potential settlements or judgments resulting from the accident.

Frequently asked questions about general liability insurance

Now, let’s move on to some frequently asked questions about general liability insurance.

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