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We understand your lifestyle and assets are unique, so your insurance policy should be too.

The basics of private client insurance

Private client insurance policies provide customized coverage for people who need more than standard policies can offer. Learn more about private client insurance and how it can provide tailored coverage for individuals with unique needs and higher asset values.

What is private client insurance?

With private client insurance, no two policies are the same. That’s the beauty of such a personalized insurance option. There are various types of private client insurance, and at HCP we make sure you get all the coverage you need.

Home insurance

High-value homes, condos, vacation properties, and heritage houses need special protection. Whether you’re faced with damages, flood or fire, personal liability claims, or theft, you want to make sure your home remains a safe space.

Private client insurance can protect your properties from disaster. And a customized insurance policy will make sure every part of your home is covered.

Automobile insurance

If you’re a collector of cars or you drive a high-value vehicle, a standard insurance plan likely won’t meet your needs.

Private client insurance will make sure your luxury or historical cars have coverage without compromise.

Valuables insurance

Private client insurance can protect any valuable assets you and your family have acquired. That means luxury items such as wines, watches, purses, art, and more are all included in the one policy.

If your assets have high value or help increase your net worth, it’s worth making sure they’re protected. These valuable possessions deserve to be safeguarded with a policy that is handcrafted to keep them safe.

What does a private client insurance policy cover?

When searching for private client insurance, you want to make sure all your assets and activities are covered. Since private client insurance offers customized coverage, you can work your policy to cover the following as necessary.


Private client insurance can provide the peace of mind you need if you own multiple properties, high-value assets, luxury jewelry, fine art, classic cars, collectibles, aircrafts or watercraft.


Private client insurance is also beneficial if you have specific liability concerns related to your personal activities.

Domestic employees

It also protects you if you employ domestic employees. People often assume standard insurance policies will cover them in their time of need. But unfortunately, this isn’t always true and this is often discovered when it’s already too late.

Frequently asked questions about private client insurance

Here’s how HCP Insurance can get you covered

In 6 simple steps, you can have all the assets you’ve worked hard to acquire fully protected.

  1. Fill out an intake form to give us an idea of your coverage needs
  2. If we have any questions, we’ll follow up
  3. We’ll start researching the best options for your custom policy
  4. Once our research is complete, we’ll share the best options for your individualized needs
  5. You ask our trusted advisors any questions about the policies you may have
  6. Once you make your decision, we’ll get your coverage started immediately

All of these steps can usually be taken care of the same business day you reach out. If it’s outside business hours, we’re going to jump on this as soon as we can. You’ll get an email confirmation right after Step 1 is complete — always.

Protect your life and lifestyle

Our agents have extensive expertise and knowledge in this personal insurance sector, as well as solutions to address your potential liabilities and customize a solution to your risk tolerance.

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