Small business insurance in New York City

HCP is a BIG booster of small business

Small businesses of all kinds are the backbone of the economy, laser-focused on immediate concerns like hiring and marketing. Which means key insurance concerns may take a back seat. Who understands those complex policies anyway? That’s okay, that’s what we’re here for. Honig Conte Porrino is your insurance brokerage and your advocate.

Small business insurance requirements and challenges

You’ve established your name and you’re growing: congratulations! Taking that big step – and signing a lease for your new space – brings insurance concerns you may not have thought of. Did you know you’ll need a certificate of insurance to get a lease? We’ll help you walk through your exposures, understand your risks and help protect your interests. A few to consider:

  • Compliance.

    Your first issue is making sure you’re in compliance with the insurance requirements in your lease. We’ll review the insurance provisions in your lease so we can put together a program that suits your needs. We can even review insurance lease provisions before you sign and lobby on your behalf if we think the coverages they’re asking for are out of line with your business.

  • Property Build-out.

    You’re renovating the space and buying equipment, which means you need to protect your investment. Often there are specific lease provisions related to any work you may do to your leased space. Let us review them in advance so that we can guide you through the process to make sure you, and your investment, are protected.

  • Employees.

    You can’t run a business without them, but missteps along the way could find you on the receiving end of an expensive, drawn-out lawsuit for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, invasion of privacy and more. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can make the difference between a bump in the road or the financial demise of your business. Learn more about the issues.