HCP helps non-profits take on the world.

Non-profit insurance in New York City

Non-profits and social service organizations face strict city and state insurance requirements and unique privacy exposures. You won’t find a stronger advocate for your interests than Honig Conte Porrino.

You’re out making the world a better place: let us take insurance worries off your plate so you can make a positive impact every day. HCP specializes in insurance for non-profits and social service organizations such as after-school programs, community groups, food banks, treatment programs and more.

We solve the challenges you face.

Workers’ compensation issues, proper Directors and Officers coverage, internal bureaucracy can all leave you with a king-size headache at the end of the day. That’s why HCP does everything we can to make your unique and complicated issues easier. Here are just a few.

  • Compliance.

    When you’re funded by the city or state, regulatory insurance requirements can be complex. You get audited often and insurance coverage is closely scrutinized. HCP has issued thousands of insurance certificates for NYC agencies as well as state and federal entities. Sometimes the same entities ask for revisions on certificates that were already approved! We have been there and done that and would be happy to do that for you.

  • Broker’s Certifications that need to be attached to certificates.

    To some, these may feel like just more paperwork, but non-profits can’t get funded without them. We understand how time-sensitive they are and strive to deliver them the same day whenever possible.

  • Cyber Risks.

    Properly safeguarding your clients’ personal data, especially if you handle medical information and are subject to HIPPA regs, brings a huge risk as well as rigorous scrutiny. One coverage form does not fit all: we’ll dig in and guide you to the coverage you need.