Non-Profit Insurance in New York

Operating a non‑profit business in New York can be extremely rewarding — but the insurance risks make it challenging.

HCP Insurance offers vital coverage for non‑profits — whether small volunteer organizations or large operational ones. Our policies provide protection against the unique risks they face.

Insurance for non‑profits of all sizes

This insurance coverage protects non‑profits against damages and liability claims. It comes in handy for risks like fire damage, stolen furniture and equipment, work‑related injuries and illnesses, third-party injuries and property damage, and allegations and liability claims against your services or board of directors. Ultimately, having the right non‑profit insurance can determine the success of your business.

What is non‑profit insurance?

Non‑profit insurance is a bundle of coverages that protect non‑profit organizations from specific risks associated with operating the organization. It includes political clubs, service clubs, sports associations, community service associations, religious fellowships, and professional non‑profit associations.

This coverage can include:

What are basic types of insurance for non‑profit organizations?

Before diving into the ins and outs of non‑profit insurance, let’s explore the basic types of coverage you should get:

  • general liability insurance protects your non‑profit if someone sues you for bodily injury or property damage
  • directors and officers insurance covers legal costs with settling claims against your organization’s board of directors and officers
  • commercial auto insurance protects against liability for bodily injury and property damage caused by vehicles owned or operated by the non‑profit

What additional protections should non‑profits be aware of?

Once you have your basic insurance coverage, you can think about getting additional protections for a more comprehensive policy.

How much does non‑profit insurance cost?

It can be hard to say the exact price for your non‑profit insurance policy because many factors impact how much you pay.

We look forward to learning about your unique insurance needs and finding the best price for your buck.

For now, here are some common factors that help determine your non‑profit insurance price:

  • size of your non‑profit business
  • business location
  • number of employees
  • annual revenue
  • claim history

Choose HCP Insurance for non‑profit coverage

At HCP Insurance, our team understands the unique insurance risks of non‑profit organizations.

Each non‑profit business is unique in many ways, including their size and scope of operations. As such, you should tailor your insurance policy to your industry, activities, and budget.

We have long-term relationships with a wide network of insurance companies to provide the best price and coverage. You’ll get great service, coverage, and knowledge when you choose HCP Insurance.

HCP Insurance is your trusted partner to match you with the best non‑profit insurance in New York to protect your non‑profit business against the unexpected.

Frequently asked questions about non‑profit insurance

Are you interested in diving deeper into non‑profit insurance topics? Get answers to your common questions about non‑profit insurance below.