Personal Umbrella Insurance in New York

Get to know how personal umbrella insurance from HCP protects New Yorkers from financial devastation from unexpected situations.

Understanding personal umbrella insurance

Because we cannot predict accidents, having additional protection and coverage from a personal umbrella insurance can prevent the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Discover what it can do for you.

What is personal umbrella insurance?

HCP Insurance offers personal umbrella insurance for New Yorkers to give you peace of mind. Personal umbrella insurance will keep you safe in the event of a litigation and keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket.

Here are some ways this coverage applies:

Additional car insurance coverage

Personal umbrella insurance also provides extra coverage for damages that exceed the limits of your auto insurance. The damages of car accidents can add up to millions of dollars, and many basic car insurance policies simply won’t cover the extent of them.

More home insurance

This type of insurance is important for people who own things (pools, trampolines, dogs) that could lead to injury lawsuits. It can mean the difference between financial devastation or being able to navigate costly claims with confidence.

Other ways personal umbrella insurance protects you

Along with home and auto insurance, the higher coverage limits with personal umbrella insurance can also shield you against liability claims that may come about as a result of libel, slander, or false arrest.

What does a personal umbrella insurance policy cover?

Personal umbrella insurance covers you from numerous unpredictable circumstances, and acts as an extended coverage for your primary policies. You can rest assured knowing you’re covered in any situation (car accident, libel slander, or anything else your existing policies won’t cover) with a personal liability umbrella.


Personal umbrella insurance has liability coverage that will protect you in the event that you cause injury to another party by accident, where you are at fault. This can include injuries occurring on your property (both inside and outside), and may be as a result of a dog bite, a slip and fall, and more.

A personal liability umbrella can also protect you in a situation where a neighbor’s child falls and hurts themselves in your yard, a contractor doing work in your home falls off their ladder, and other similar accidents.

Property damage

This actually applies to other people’s properties, and can save you in the event that somebody tries to sue you for property damage. Examples include a car accident where you’re found to be at fault and have caused damage to the other person’s vehicle that exceeds the limits of your auto insurance.

Other examples include damage caused by your dog to a property, or accidental damage done to a school by your child.

Lost wages

If you have accidentally injured somebody and made them unable to work, you can be sued for lost wages, pain and suffering. Personal umbrella insurance can cover you from having your assets drained to pay for this.

Frequently asked questions about personal umbrella insurance

Here’s how HCP Insurance can get you covered

In 6 simple steps, you can have all the assets you’ve worked hard to acquire fully protected.

  1. Fill out an intake form to give us an idea of your coverage needs
  2. If we have any questions, we’ll follow up
  3. We’ll start researching the best options for your custom policy
  4. Once our research is complete, we’ll share the best options for your individualized needs
  5. You ask our trusted advisors any questions about the policies you may have
  6. Once you make your decision, we’ll get your coverage started immediately

All of these steps can usually be taken care of the same business day you reach out. If it’s outside business hours, we’re going to jump on this as soon as we can. You’ll get an email confirmation right after Step 1 is complete — always.

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