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Buying condo insurance in New York

Finding condo insurance can be easy if you know where to go for help. Trust us as your best resource to protect your condo investment from unexpected damages and loss.

What is condo insurance?

Condominium insurance provides protection for condo owners by covering losses and repair costs associated with their unit. A condo insurance policy covers personal belongings, offers liability coverage for accidents, injuries, and illnesses to guests, and fills the gaps left by the master policy’s limitations on interior and personal property coverage.

Here are some claims scenarios where a condominium insurance policy will come in handy:

Fire damage

There’s a fire in the building, damaging your unit and personal property. You can submit an insurance claim for the temporary expenses incurred during this period. For example, the insurance policy can cover food, hotel fees, transportation, and additional living expenses you have to pay.

Injuries and property damage

You invite a friend over and they suffer injury or property damage in your condo. They could sue you for medical fees and compensation for the damages they suffer. Condo insurance protects your personal liability in these scenarios and can cover any of the expenses and legal fees incurred.

Water damage

Water damage wrecks your walls, floors, furniture, and carpets. Repairing these damages can cost a lot of money and it’s an unexpected expense that can greatly affect your budget. Certain types of water damage can be covered by your condo insurance up to the limit of the policy.

What does a condo policy cover?

Condo insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company you work with and the coverage you purchase. There are many policies that can be tailored to your budget and needs. Here are common exposures that a condo insurance policy could cover:

Property theft

A condo insurance policy can cover your personal belongings if they are damaged or stolen through no fault of your own. It can also include personal property damaged while traveling, moving, or in storage elsewhere. Damages typically arise from vandalism, theft, fire, smoke, accidental water discharge, and windstorm.

Personal liability

When you invite guests to your condo, accidents can arise that may lead to injury or illness where you could be deemed legally responsible. The affected party may choose to file a lawsuit or seek compensation for any medical bills associated with the injury or illness. A condo insurance policy can cover you for the associated medical bills and legal expenses.

Living expenses

If you need to temporarily vacate the property, such as in the event of a covered loss, condo insurance can cover the expenses incurred. This includes temporary lodging, food, and transportation during the period you cannot return to your condo.

Frequently asked questions about condo insurance

Here’s how HCP Insurance can get you covered

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  5. You ask our trusted advisors any questions about the policies you may have
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All of these steps can usually be taken care of the same business day you reach out. If it’s outside business hours, we’re going to jump on this as soon as we can. You’ll get an email confirmation right after Step 1 is complete — always.

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If you have condo insurance questions, don’t be afraid to ask for answers. Buying a condo can be an exciting yet intimidating process. Fully understanding what happens before, during, and after the purchase will make for a positive experience and smart investment.

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