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Cover all of your bases with comprehensive professional services insurance in New York from HCP Insurance.

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Cover your work with professional services insurance

Protecting your professional services business is essential for long-term success. If you provide professional services, you know there’s liability involved, but thankfully, professional services insurance is there to manage risks.

What is professional services insurance?

Professional services insurance, also known as business insurance or professional liability insurance, is designed to protect businesses that provide professional services to clients. This insurance helps cover claims arising from mistakes, errors, or negligence occurring in the delivery of professional services.

Professional services insurance also typically bundles coverage for a range of unique risks professional services firms face, such as legal defense costs, employment practices liability, and wrongful termination.

Businesses that fall under professional services insurance include:

  • accountants
  • lawyers
  • marketing agencies
  • financial advisors
  • architects
  • doctors
  • engineers

What are basic types of insurance for professional services companies?

Professional services companies have unique risks that require specific insurance coverage, but these are the three basic types of insurance to start with:

  • professional liability insurance to protect professional services companies from claims arising from mistakes, errors, or negligence in delivering their services
  • general liability insurance to claims resulting from property damage, bodily injury, and other accidents on the business premises
  • cyber insurance to cover the financial costs associated with data breaches, cyberattacks, or other cyber incidents

What additional protections should professional services businesses be aware of?

In addition to professional liability and general liability insurance, professional services businesses should be aware of several other types of insurance protections to safeguard their operations and clients.

How much does professional services insurance cost?

To get an accurate cost estimate for service insurance, it is best to contact insurance providers directly and request quotes.

In the meantime, there are several things to consider that will influence the price of your policy.

These include:

  • the type of professional services you offer
  • business size
  • specific coverage needs
  • claim history
  • number of employees

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Frequently asked questions about professional insurance

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