HCP builds trust with NYC Contractors

Contractors Insurance in New York City

Contractors in New York City face a maze of tortuous forms, required coverages and legal risks. You won’t find an insurance brokerage that understands your challenges better than Honig Conte Porrino.

When you’re one claim away from being put out of business, you need an insurance advocate like us who will stand up for you. We specialize in insurance for New York City contractors: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, as well as commercial construction companies, developers and building owners.

You need forms expertise, contract help and speedy certificates

  • Expertise.

    You’re great at what you do, but if your eyes glaze over when you see contract language requiring third party over action, primary and noncontributory clauses, waiver of subrogation, and additional insureds, that’s ok. We know what they mean, and more important, their impact on your insurance and your business and how to help you avoid the pitfalls. We know the forms you’ll need based on the jobs you work. If you’re tired of educating your broker about the industry, working with us will be a huge relief.

  • Contract review.

    We are not attorneys, but we can review a contract’s insurance provisions before you sign. We can tell you if you’re in compliance, ensure you have the right coverages and even advocate on your behalf when requirements are onerous. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t. Plus, when we review your contract you’ll know your costs up front so you can price the job accordingly.

  • Speedy certificates of insurance.

    Without them, you don’t get paid so we don’t make you wait. We strive to get them out to you the same day whenever possible.