7 Reasons New York City Deli Insurance Is a Must

What would New York City be without its famous delis? Hungrier, that’s for sure. But so much charm and community pride would be lost as well. That’s why we’re proud to offer New York City deli insurance.

You see, we work with plenty of industries, but we love the deli industry because of what it means to our city. We also know the ups and downs of the business and why insurance is such an important piece of a deli’s business success.

Whether you’re thinking of opening a deli and just covering all the bases or you’ve been part of a family-owned deli for decades and want to make sure you’re fully covered, stick around while we explore the different tests a deli can face and how insurance can prevent major hiccups.

Scenario 1: A Customer Slips and Is Injured

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is needed for slip and fall accidents. This policy includes coverage for a wide range of disasters, including General Liability (for slips, falls, and other injuries customers receive as a result of entering or utilizing your business). A BOP also covers loss of business in the aftermath of a disaster, building property damage from covered events (check your policy to see what’s covered and what’s not), and outdoor signage, essential coverage for all NYC delicatessens.

Scenario 2: Your Industrial Dishwasher Breaks Down

If there’s one thing that’s nearly guaranteed in the food industry, it’s that equipment will break at the worst possible time. Even with proper maintenance and usage, freezers, refrigerators, microwave, stoves, display cases, and dishwashers break. Equipment Breakage Coverage will help you recover some of the expenses involved in replacing or repairing equipment so you can get back on track.

Scenario 3: A Significant Portion of Your Inventory Spoils

Whether a freezer goes out over a holiday weekend, your refrigerator suddenly stops working overnight, or a display case starts fogging up instead of chilling, spoiled food is a deli owner’s worst nightmare. Not only can you not make the sales you anticipated, you’re out your investment as well. And in most scenarios, you’re stuck having to repair or replace malfunctioning equipment. Spoilage Insurance can help balance out your financial losses from spoiled product while the previously mentioned Equipment Breakage Coverage will help reimburse you for repairing equipment.

Scenario 4: You Over-Serve a Customer

Not all delicatessens serve liquor. But if you have a license and are willing to deal with the extra responsibilities (and extra profit), Liquor Liability Insurance protection is a must. Over-serving a customer or selling to an underage customer can have serious repercussions that can throw your finances, reputation, and right to remain in business in jeopardy.

Scenario 5: Your Network Gets Hacked

Chances are, your business takes credit cards. If you allow customers to swipe as payment or your deli conducts any sort of business online, you’re at risk of a cyber-attack. Even if you think it will never happen to you, the facts say otherwise. There are over 4,000 business cyber-attacks per day and hackers are getting smarter, sneakier, and faster.

If companies like Target and chain restaurants can’t keep their data secure, chances are yours isn’t 100% safe, no matter how many precautions you’ve taken. Having sensitive data leaked can ruin your reputation overnight and with stiff competition in the NYC deli industry, your regulars won’t have to search far for a new deli to visit that will protect their information.

Scenario 6: An Employee Gets Hurt on the Job

If you have employees, you must have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Not only does it protect your business from legal action if your employee chooses to ignore safety protocols and slices off a finger, but it also ensures your employee gets the medical care he or she needs to get back in shape and to work. This includes not only the initial treatment for the injury obtained on the job, but also any follow-up treatments including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and even treatment for infections and such. Workers’ compensation insurance also pays a portion of wages lost during the recovery time too.

Scenario 7: An Employee Gets Hurt Off the Job

Disability Insurance is a somewhat unique requirement for New York business owners, including deli owners. New York law requires business owners to provide employees with statutory disability insurance that will cover disabilities that occur off the job. What it provides is temporary cash benefits to eligible wage earners who are injured or disabled outside of work while they are unable to work. Unlike Workers Compensation Insurance, this does not cover the medical care of workers injured outside of work.

We know harsh competition and rising rent prices have made the NYC deli business harder than ever to be in. That’s why we want to make sure your investment and passion is protected with New York City deli insurance that provides coverage without costing a small fortune.

The best way to ensure that you have not only the right types of insurance for your NYC deli, but also the right amount of coverage, is to work with an independent insurance agency that not only understands the insurance needs of delicatessens but can shop multiple carriers for the best coverage and quote combination, and who specifically understands what it means for NYC deli owners and their insurance coverage needs.

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