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Real Life I Was Addicted To Technology

Real Life: I Was Addicted to Technology

When smartphones came out I was in high school and, if you had one, you had some of the coolest technology available in the mid to late 2000’s. I’m guessing the same phenomena happened when computers, cell phones and the Internet went commercial between the early 1980’s and late 1990’s. Smartphone’s brought all of the processing assets of your desktop computer and put it in a tiny little contraption that doubled as a phone. I thought it was great. Until I started going places with people. Dinner became a completely dissocialized experience where more people spent time on social media and the Internet than they did talking to one another.

And from that moment on I promised myself that technology would not rule my life. That promise was completely vain and irrational. As soon as I started working in media technology was everything and I couldn’t get off it for the first few months. At one point I started getting headaches from staring at a screen for so long and I realized that I needed to get off the technology that had taken over my life. Here are a few strategies I took to unplug myself and spend more time in the real world.

1. Get Off the Phone and Computer

This step may be a little obvious but until you get off your digital devices you will still be plugged in. Cutting yourself off entirely will not work as you will more than likely relapse (you can be addicted to technology). Try to come up with a schedule on when you can and cannot use your phone, get an app that monitors your usage and avoid going over that time limit, or dedicate times where you can go for a walk (or some other activity) that will allow you to avoid technology all together.

2. Get a Hobby

Hobbies will give you a great alternative to being on your phone or computer. You can go for a run, read a book, and build a boat, whatever you want, as long as you can stay away from technology.

3. Spend Time with Friends and Family

Less time on technology will let you spend more time with those you care about and, honestly, it feels a lot better than checking your e-mail 50 times. Come up with a list of activities that you would like to do that way when nobody knows what to do you have some ideas and go enjoy their company instead of debating it on the phone for hours (happens quite a bit).

Hopefully these tips will help you get off the phone and computer and spend more time with those you care about. Best of luck!

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