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What To Do When Santa Attacks - Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips – Protecting Yourself From Public Enemy Number One

The Most Wonderful, Dangerous Time of the Year

Still waiting for that great holiday deal? Me too. In my eyes there are two kinds of holiday shoppers; the early birds and the procrastinators. The early birds are those people who have their Christmas lists made up in June, know exactly what they need to buy and they acquire it all before (or on) Black Friday. Then there is everyone else who see Black Friday as their green light to start holiday shopping. Now, when that shopping ends depends on the person (for me it’s usually the 24th). But, regardless of where you stand, when that holiday clock starts ticking down people tend to rush a bit more. And rushing, can lead to some pretty costly mistakes. Here are our holiday shopping safety tips that will keep you and your finances safe this season.

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

1. Take Your Time

No matter what you’re shopping for or who you’re shopping for, they can wait. While we’re sure they will love the present that you picked out for them, we’re also sure that they would prefer that you were safe. Icy roads and snowy conditions paired with congested roadways can lead to disastrous consequences. So, just be sure to take your time and stay safe this holiday season with these holiday shopping safety tips.

2. Monitor Your Finances

Criminals love the holidays almost as much as you do. And they tend to be especially active over the holidays (Home Alone is like a PSA people). But, todays criminals are a little more shady than two men trying to break into your home on Christmas. They will try to steal your information online, hack into your accounts, and turn your money into their next big purchase (maybe a holiday vacation to Hawaii). You can avoid all of that by monitoring your finances regularly over the next few weeks and, if you notice an odd purchase, flag it immediately and notify your bank. It could save you quite a bit of money that you can use for holiday gifts for your loved ones which is why this is one of our top priority holiday shopping safety tips.

3. Beware Your Holiday Decorations

This isn’t one of our holiday shopping safety tips but, it is a holiday safety tip (and an important one at that). As good as those holiday candles may look, they can be a downright disaster if they are left unattended. The same goes for your Christmas tree and lights. Over 230 home fires occur each year as a result of Christmas trees (with one in every forty of those fires accounting for a death). So, blow out those candles before bed (or when you leave your home), unplug your lights when you aren’t in the room and plug them into a surge protector when you really want to light up the tree.

Hopefully these holiday shopping safety tips will keep you and yours safe over the next few weeks and will allow you to avoid making any insurance claims. But, if you do (or if you have any questions) please feel free to give us a call at 212-777-7113. We look forward to hearing from you and happy holidays!