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Facebook Gets Fit To Suit SMB Advertising

Facebook Gets Fit to Suit SMB Advertising

If you’re looking for a way to increase your sales, boost engagement and gain access to more potential clients look no further than the giant of all social media giants, Facebook. Some people look at Facebook as Goliath (especially if you own a small business) as paid advertisements have long favored big business. But, that’s about to change. Facebook has just recently announced the launch their ‘Facebook Fit’ campaign which will give small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to compete and grow on the platform. So make Goliath your friend and travel down the lovely road of Facebook advertising success.

What is Facebook Fit?

The Fit campaign is an effort by Facebook to increase their revenue by gaining access to the SMB advertising market. Luckily, the social media platforms greed gives your small business a competitive advantage. If you know how to use it. That’s why Facebook has decided to offer a series of ‘boot camps’ that will give your marketing team the skills base they need to effectively use Facebook as a marketing tool. Tickets for the event are $25. Boot camps in New York and Miami have already concluded, and those in Chicago, IL, and Menlo Park, CA have sold out. That means that the only event left is in Austin, Texas on Thursday, July 24th. Space is limited, so buy you tickets now.

How Much SMB Advertising on Facebook Cost?

Unfortunately, not much in life is free (some might say nothing, but that seems a little too extreme for me) and neither are Facebook ads. To promote a post on another page, you’ll have to pay Facebook $10. And with further algorithm improvements it looks like $10 could go a long, long way.

Facebook Fit looks like it will be an excellent addition to your marketing toolbox in the near future and could seriously help you gain access to even more potential customers. Add in Facebook’s desire to access a market where 80% of socially active SMBs want to be able advertise on its platform and you have a very interesting combination. So keep your eyes open for a Facebook Fit on a social media platform near you.