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Why Working For A Nonprofit Will Not Save You From Indemnification

Why Working for a Nonprofit Will Not Save You from Indemnification

Whenever you are starting a company from scratch, or are working for a nonprofit that you adore, it becomes a little bit more than just a company in your mind. I would not go so far as to say that it is like raising another child (as I do not have any of my own) but I would say that your emotions can get tangled up in your startup very quickly (and emotions can be painful little things). Your goals for your company may end up turning into a bucket list for your company (i.e. it is going down and you want to see it succeed a little bit before it fades away). I am not sure what you might put on that list but I will take a gander about one thing you will not want on that list; the threat of litigation.

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Nonprofit Storytelling Should Not Be The Only Way You Attract Donors

Nonprofit Storytelling Should Not Be the Only Way You Attract Donors

Earlier in the week we ran a blog about the importance of nonprofit storytelling when it comes to nonprofit marketing and how it should be central to your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, marketing is not that easy. There are more layers that must be laid down in order for your nonprofit to truly take off. Storytelling will get people in the door but you need something to make them convert and donate to your organization. And, to do that you need to incentivize your posts, show results and keep in contact with your donors. Listed below are a few things you can incorporate into your long term marketing strategy in order to boost your conversions and keep your donors from running away.

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