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Developing A Social Media Strategy For Nonprofits: Getting People To Share

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits: Getting People to Share

Getting people to do anything without any sort of incentive can be close to impossible. As a small business owner you probably give your employees an incentive to complete their work and complete any additional tasks you may assign to them. But, what do you do when you need your customers to do something for you (specifically; how do you get them to promote your brand on social media?)?

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How A Reality Distortion Field Can Take Your Business From Worst To First

How a Reality Distortion Field Can Take Your Business from Worst to First

The past three weeks or so have revolved around the presence (or lack thereof) of visionaries. Apple released the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch with the watch representing the first new product the company has introduced since the passing of iconic leader Steve Jobs. A week later famed documentarian Ken Burns released his latest work; a seven part series documenting the visionary Roosevelt family. Visionaries also supported the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom (which may or may not be a good idea) but such freedom will be groundbreaking nonetheless. While we may celebrate each of them, or scorn them, there can be no denying that each one has made their mark on their respective industries and regions.

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